Solutions for students

Are you a student at the University of Bologna?
For you we have a special fee!!

If you are a student at the University of Bologna you are entitled to discounted rates. Contact us now for further information on our two facilities.

Are you a student looking for a high quality, functional and cost-effectively accommodation?

Our comfortable studios, available to students, provide them with the highest level of hospitality.

Fixed fee, no surprises

One of the strengths of rtmliving Bologna is the all-inclusive monthly fee, to make your stay without worries …
Time wasters like connect or disconnect the utilities, don’t exist with us.
Our fee includes all consumption: water, electricity, heating and also air conditioning, very useful in the hot summers.
And not only that… Each apartment is equipped with its own thermostat… no matter how much you consume, the cost will not change!

Our services

Our facilities have a large study hall dedicated to our young guests.
But rtmliving isn’t only study.. it is also relax and community!
There are recreational rooms and gym, where you can spend time togheter.
Moreover, both in the common areas and in the apartments, the Internet service follows you thanks to a highly efficient Wi-Fi network.
Each studio boasts a fully stocked kitchenette, a spacious bathroom and a study area. For a full list of our facilities, we suggest you read this page.
During your stay you can also host relatives or friends. You just have to notify in advance our staff which is always present in our facilities.

As for dishes, sheets and towels, the Residence can provide you with everything you need. If you prefer, you can bring everything from home!

rtmliving PHILOSOPHY

The rtmliving  brand looks to the future with an eye to the world.
Our mission is to offer a hospitality that reminisces the American college style, in which you live and study without losing time in the problems and organisation of traditional renting.

rtmliving… #differentliving

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