Why choose us

Choose a residence or a flat in a block?

Living in a Residence means having access to a wide range of services, impossible to find in a simple rented apartment. With more than 15 years of experience in hospitality, SO.GES. srl offers a world of comfort and convenience.

Independent but not alone

Maximum independence in your apartment and the possibility of socialising in public areas.
In a Residence, if you want, you’re never alone! Studying in groups or being in company helps live better.

A safe place

Our residence boast video surveillanceelectronic badge keys, concierge on-call 24 hours a day and friendly staff always ready to answer any queries.

Fixed fee, no surprises

One of the strengths of rtmliving is the all-inclusive monthly fee, to make your stay carefree and with no surprises …
It’s not wise to choose a rent without consumption included, as variations can be extreme. The freezing winters don’t help to keep the bills low.
Our fee includes all consumption: water, electricity, heating and often also air conditioning, very useful in the hot summers.
Each apartment is equipped with its own thermostat for maximum comfort.

Custom services

As a Guest, you are not just a room number to us. You have a name and specific needs … room cleaning, linen changes, receiving guests, personal mail. You may require a daily contract, or possibly monthly or yearly. We are always available to talk together and find the most suitable formula.

Modern and comfortable environment

Tutti gli appartamenti sono arredati con stile e funzionalità per il vostro soggiorno temporaneo: angolo cottura ben fornito, zona living e un bagno spazioso.

Personal accessories or Residence provided

The rtmliving experience means also the freedom to live in your own private spaces with the objects of your own home. Do you wish to bring your own dishes, sheets or towels? No problem. And if you don’t, we can provide them.

rtmliving philosophy

The rtmliving group looks to the future with an eye to the world.
Our mission is to offer a hospitality reminiscent the American college style, in which you live and study without losing time in the problems and organisation of traditional renting.